NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN pursuant to § 1-13.5-513(6), C.R.S., that, at the close of business on February 28, 2023, there were not more candidates than offices to be filled, including candidates filing affidavits of intent to be write-in candidates, for High Plains Ranch Metropolitan District (the “District”). Therefore, the election for the District to be held on May 2, 2023 is hereby cancelled.

The following candidates for the District are declared elected by acclamation:
Robert A. Case Until May 2027
Bryan T. Long Until May 2027
The following offices remain vacant:
VACANT Until May 2025

/s/ Ashley B. Frisbie
Designated Election Official

Contact Person for District:
K. Sean Allen, Esq.
Attorneys at Law
2154 E. Commons Avenue, Suite 2000
Centennial, Colorado 80122
(303) 858-1800
PUBLISHED ON: April 10th, 2023


High Plains Ranch Metropolitan District is a residential single conventional Title 32 Special Metropolitan District.  All property owners within the boundaries of this District who are otherwise eligible as electors within the State of Colorado has the opportunity to fully participate in future elections of the district and are eligible to run for Director positions when these positions become open.

High Plains Ranch Metropolitan District has an existing mill levy of 55.663 mills obligated to pay off Debt and 11.132 mills to fund operations and maintenance within the District at this time there is no discussion on issuing any future mill levies. The Debt mill levy is set to stay in place until the obligated debt is paid off, and there are currently no anticipated or decreases.

At this time, the District is discussing issuing Long Term Financial Obligations once there is more activity within the District. There is currently no outstanding Long Term Financial Obligations.

The main function of High Plains Ranch Metropolitan District is to collect tax revenue to pay off any future Long Term Debt.  At this time, the District plans on providing additional services in the future to provide potable water service, including the water supply, water system, and infrastructure of the water system within the District Boundaries.

The District currently has no real property they own.

Current Board of Directors

Lindsay CasePresidentMay 2025Lindsay.C@HighPlainsRanchMD.orgDeveloper
Bryan LongVice PresidentMay 2023Bryan.L@HighPlainsRanchMD.orgDeveloper
Randy Case IISecretary/TreasurerMay 2025Randy.C@HighPlainsRanchMD.orgDeveloper
Robert CaseAssistant SecretaryMay 2023Robert.C@HighPlainsRanchMD.orgDeveloper
VacantAssistant SecretaryMay 2025

Meeting Schedule: 2023 Regular Meetings are held the second Tuesday of every month at 10:30 a.m. at Case International, 119 N Wahsatch Ave, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Virtual Meeting Instructions:

District Manager:

Rebecca Harris


Phone: 719-447-1777 ext. 103

2022 Board Meeting Agendas & Packets2022 Board Meeting Minutes
November 15, 2022 Board Meeting Packet and Agenda
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Important District Documents
High Plains Ranch Metropolitan District Boundary Map
High Plains Ranch Metropolitan District Service Plan
HPRMD Annual Report (Filed in February 2022)
HPRMD Disclosure Notice (2023)
Public Records Request Policy
Intergovernmental Agreements (IGAs)
IGA for CO Special Districts Property and Liability Pool
District Fees
Capital Facility Fees: Terms – 15 days
Residential Lot: $1,500/ Lot
Late Fee: $15/ month
Water Tap Fees: Residential $8,500
Water Resource Fee: Residential $8,500
Additional Water Resource Fee: Residential $3,000
Water Shut Off/ Turn On Fee: $100 each on/off
Financial Documents
HPRMD 2023 Budget
HPRMD 2022 Budget 2021 Amended
HPRMD 2021 Budget Amended
HPRMD 2021 Budget

HPRMD 2020 Exemption from Audit
*The monthly unaudited financial statements can be found in the Board Meeting Packets above.
2023 Annual Admin Resolution
Resolution Calling 2023 Election
Resolution Concerning the Imposition of Water Tap Fee and Water Resource Fees (2021)
Resolution Concerning the Imposition of Capital Facilities Fee (2021)
Resolution for Inclusion Davis Ranch Filings (2020)
Election Information
Self Nomination Deadline: February 24, 2023
Regular Election Date: May 2, 2023
Election Documents and Information:
2023 Notice of Cancellation of Election and Certified Statement of Results
2023 Call for Nominations
Self Nomination Form
2023 Election Information Reference Guide
2023 Regular Election Calendar
2023 Election Manual – Bookmarked
2023 Frequently Asked Questions
Link to Special District Forms Page
*For more information, visit the Colorado Department of Local Affairs Special Districts Elections Page
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