DISTRICT NOTICE: On Monday, August 1st, Finsterwald Landscaping will be spraying in the community for off-lawn and fertilization (weather pending.) It usually takes 3-4 hours for the off-lawn spray to dry.

Current Board of Directors:

David Hewett, President – Term to May 2023
Ray O’Sullivan, Treasurer – Term to May 2023
Roger Lemmon, Secretary – Term to May 2025
Jack Wallace Mason, Asst. Secretary – Term to May 2025
Tanwee Khan, Asst. Secretary – Term to May 2023

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Important District Documents
Tuscan Foothills Village MD Service Plan
Tuscan Foothills Village MD 2022 Transparency Notice
Tuscan Foothills Village MD Landscape Responsibility Map
Tuscan Foothills Village MD FAQs – District vs HOA
Financial Documents
2022 Annual Administrative Resolution
Resolution Designating the Location of Regular Meetings (11-16-2021)
Resolution to Amend 2021 Budget (11-16-2021)
2022 Budget Resolution (11-16-2021)
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