Barnes Center Metropolitan District was established in 2018 including an infrastructure district, a residential taxing district, and a commercial taxing district. The currently certified mill levies include 10 mills for Operation and Maintenance and 20 mills for Capital Expenditures.

Current Board of Directors:

Kevin Walker – Term to May 2023

Tim Hadjis – Term to May 2023

Stephen Engel – Term to May 2023

2021 Regular meetings are held the fourth Tuesday of every month at 1:30 PM at 6530 South Yosemite Street, Suite 200, Greenwood Village, CO. Meetings may be canceled.

2022 Board Meeting Agendas
12-8-2022 Meeting Notice
5-23-2022 Meeting Agenda
2022 Board Meeting Minutes
5-23-2022 Meeting Minutes
2021 Board Meeting Agendas
12-2-2021 Meeting Agenda
5-20-2021 Continued Meeting Agenda
5-17-2021 Meeting Agenda
3-5-2021 Meeting Agenda
1-20-2021 Meeting Agenda
2021 Board Meeting Minutes
12-2-2021 Meeting Minutes
5-20-2021 Continued Meeting Minutes
5-17-2021 Meeting Minutes
3-5-2021 Meeting Minutes
1-20-2021 Meeting Minutes
2020 Board Meeting Agendas
12-9-2020 Meeting Agenda
2020 Board Meeting Minutes
12-9-2020 Meeting Minutes
2019 Board Meeting Agendas
12-11-2019 Meeting Agenda
2019 Board Meeting Minutes
12-11-2019 Meeting Minutes
2018 Board Meeting Agendas
12-11-2018 BCMD Meeting Agenda
04-26-2018 BCMD Meeting Agenda
2018 Board Meeting Minutes
12-11-2018 BCMD Meeting Minutes
04-26-2018 BCMD Meeting Minutes
Important District Documents
BCMD Service Plan
BCMD Boundary Map
BCMD Annual Report (2021)
BCMD Transparency Notice (2022)
Financial Documents
BCMD 2019 Audit Exemption
BCMD 2020 Audit Exemption

BCMD 2019 Budget
BCMD 2020 Budget
BCMD 2021 Budget
BCMD 2022 Budget

*The monthly unaudited financial statements can be found in the Board Meeting Agenda Packets above.
Election Information
2022 Cancellation of Election
2022 Call for Nominations
2020 Colorado Special District Election Manual
2020 Election Timeline Visual
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